At Ethier Sand & Gravel, our highly trained and skilled team is here to assist you with a number of aggregate-related services. You can depend on our expertise and knowledge to make sure your job is completed with the highest quality standards. Contact us today for more information on the following services.


Field Bed Installations

We are a registered On Site Sewage System Installer. Please contact our Main Office for a free quote!

Driveway Repair & Installations

Whether you need a new driveway or want to replace an existing one, we have the material and equipment to help!

Custom Crushing

With our custom crushing solutions, we are able to crush aggregate to your exact specs.


Custom screening services.

Equipment Rentals

Full line of construction equipment and trucks.

Float Moves

Call our Main Office for inquiries.

Contaminated Soil Haulage

We are certified to haul non-hazardous waste which includes contaminated soil.